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Westchester Seminar

Bushwick Dojo - Westchester

Aikido of Westchester is a dojo that serves camaraderie by the bowlful. Expressing their unique take on meaning of Aiki, this past May, AoW hosted Claire Sensei for a one day seminar. Thirty-five of our fellow aikidoka ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners trained with sensei Claire on a beautiful spring Saturday. And after the …

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Can People Over 40 Do Aikido?

“Yes, most certainly people over 40 can do aikido! Aikido is available for all people, young and old, who have a desire to learn. Through regular practice, you will find your body will become more flexible, balanced and adept, and you will find enjoyment at whatever age you may be. The pace of your training …

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What are testing requirements?

What are the testing requirements? “Here are the test requirements and the number of practice days needed before taking each test. Each name includes an attack and the technique responded with; for instance, Shomenuchi Ikkyo is a shomen attack (head strike) and an ikkyo response (arm pin.) At the bottom is a glossary of the …

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