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Samantha Taitel Guest Teaches Friday 6/23 – Updated

Friday basic/all belts aikido class – June 23rd – Samantha Taitel was our guest instructor and focused on suwari waza, jiyu waza, and randori. Exhausting but so much fun! Come back soon Samantha! Look at that front row: Nidan, Rokudan, Godan, Sandan…just a casual Friday 6:30 basics class!   Guest instructor Samantha Taitel, Nidan, on …

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Claire Keller seminar at Aikido of Amherst

    Aikido of Amherst 7 Pomeroy Lane, Amherst, Massachusetts 01002 April 29 – April 30 Apr 29 at 1 PM to Apr 30 at 4 PM Claire Keller sensei, 6th dan, USAF Shidoin and head instructor at Brooklyn AIkido will be teaching at Akido of Amherst. Keller sensei focuses on proper body movement and correct execution …

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Can Kids Do Aikido?

“Children can definitely do Aikido. It is a martial art that allows children to learn many skills that will benefit them in today’s world. Learning how to listen, follow direction, work and be compassionate toward others, are just a few of the skills they learn while doing Aikido. The physical aspect cannot be denied either. …

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Can Women Do Aikido?

Bushwick Dojo - Claire Demo

Yes, absolutely woman can do aikido! Woman are warmly welcomed and urged to practice aikido! It is a fantastic martial art for women because the aim is not to “muscle” your way through the techniques but rather use balance, your center (ki), timing, and precision to throw/pin your opponent. More and more women have found …

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