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Samantha Taitel Guest Teaches Friday 6/23 – Updated

Friday basic/all belts aikido class – June 23rd – Samantha Taitel was our guest instructor and focused on suwari waza, jiyu waza, and randori. Exhausting but so much fun! Come back soon Samantha!

Look at that front row: Nidan, Rokudan, Godan, Sandan…just a casual Friday 6:30 basics class!


Guest instructor Samantha Taitel, Nidan, on Friday – 6:30pm at Bushwick Dojo!

Claire Keller seminar at Aikido of Amherst


Aikido of Amherst

7 Pomeroy Lane, Amherst, Massachusetts 01002

April 29 – April 30
Apr 29 at 1 PM to Apr 30 at 4 PM

Claire Keller sensei, 6th dan, USAF Shidoin and head instructor at Brooklyn AIkido will be teaching at Akido of Amherst. Keller sensei focuses on proper body movement and correct execution of techniques to create aikido that can be practiced throughout your life.

We’ve moved! New Aikido Dojo

  • Bushwick Dojo

We moved from Prospect Lefferts Gardens to East Williamsburg on April 3rd. Coming shortly to this page will be an archive of the videos we made in our old dojo at Kuntaw Martial Arts.

Bushwick Dojo - Westchester

Westchester Aikido Seminar

  • Bushwick Dojo - Westchester

Aikido of Westchester is a dojo that serves camaraderie by the bowlful. Expressing their unique take on meaning of Aiki, this past May, AoW hosted Claire Sensei for a one day seminar. Thirty-five of our fellow aikidoka ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners trained with sensei Claire on a beautiful spring Saturday. And after the seminar, true to their amazing reputation for hospitality, the AoW crew served an amazing and wildly varied buffet. Big thanks to Doug and Sylvie and the entire AoW team!