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Can Kids Do Aikido?

“Children can definitely do Aikido. It is a martial art that allows children to learn many skills that will benefit them in today’s world. Learning how to listen, follow direction, work and be compassionate toward others, are just a few of the skills they learn while doing Aikido. The physical aspect cannot be denied either. Learning how to fall and roll, while protecting themselves is an invaluable skill to learn not only for children, but adults as well. The earliest age to start children is usually at 4-5 years old. This is when a foundation can be set and be built upon, throughout their development. Kids can come to Aikido at whatever age and development stage they are at. At Brooklyn Aikido we want to focus on working with all members, wherever they are at in their development, to foster best results, whether you are young, old, or in between. This said, we hope to begin a children’s program as soon as we have a permanent dojo space, hopefully by summer 2017. Please fill out the contact form if you want to be notified about kids classes.” (Chase)

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